Our Mission

The FNMRA’s mission is to protect the public by connecting regulatory authorities and promoting standards of excellence in the regulation of naturopathic medicine in North America

The Federation has been established solely to help new and existing regulatory organizations fulfill their statutory obligations to regulate the profession in the interest of public protection. 

Statement of Support
The FNMRA acknowledges that racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, geographic, and culture bias exists and must be addressed. We are committed to identifying and eliminating systemic bias in our own activities and to encouraging the unbiased delivery of, reimbursement for, and regulation of naturopathic medicine.

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  • To facilitate communication between regulatory authorities
  • To provide a central location for all regulatory authority information including:
    • laws
    • CE requirements
    • licensing requirements
    • scope of practice
    • formulary or prescriptive authority
  • To provide a database of disciplinary actions taken by each jurisdiction
  • To promote efficient and legitimate licensing in each jurisdiction
  • To support jurisdictions in passing licensure laws and to assist in regulatory rule development
  • To improve public safety and confidence

Links to Naturopathic Regulatory Authorities

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